Army Boots

Discover How to Select the Right Pair of Army BootsDiscover How to Select the Right Pair of Army Boots

When selecting high-quality army boots, you need to base your decision on more than mere looks. We have a range of quality footwear that is designed to give you the necessary comfort and support for combat and training. Our involvement with the Australia Army means that we provide quality products with beneficial features so that you receive excellent footwear.

What You Can Expect from Krieger Tactical Regarding Men’s Army Boots

We provide outstanding customer service and premium boots.

  • Our products are excellent quality: We stock boots from leading brands such as Merrell. Merrell boots are waterproof and will give you traction, comfort and flexibility when out in the rough terrain. They are specifically designed for military purposes and are durable.
  • We have a range of sizes: You can select the right boot with our range of sizing options, including half sizes. However, if you need to exchange your boots for another size, we can accommodate you with our easy return policy.
  • You can have your boots shipped internationally: We have international shipping so that you can order quality boots and have them delivered to your doorstep.
    Tips Regarding Army Combat Boots

Consider these tips when purchasing men’s combat boots.

  • The boot should have a leather or non-mesh upper: Leather and non-mesh materials such as suede are very durable and will provide you with a high level of protection that you need for your feet. The material used for the upper boot should be the first item you look for when selecting footwear. Our high-quality Merrell boots will stand up to the toughest conditions and use an abrasion-resistant and non-wicking textile.
  • The sole of the boot should provide comfort: You want to ensure that the bottom of your footwear is made from rubber, polyurethane or similar material to give you the support and flexibility you need when wearing boots for extended periods. For example, our Merrell MQC Tactical men’s boot features an EVA foam pod in the heel of the footwear to help absorb shock and give you more stability. The special rubber soles give you the grip and traction you need when in rough terrain. Combined with other features, this boot provides you with comfort and flexibility.
  • They need to be lightweight: As most tactical boots are worn for a long time, you need to ensure that they are lightweight to prevent fatigue. You will have more speed and agility without heavy boots weighing your feet down, therefore, lightweight footwear may give you the edge you need in combat and endurance situations. 

About Krieger Tactical

We know how important it is to have quality gear for combat or training, which is why we provide excellent manufactured products and top named brands. Our staff have extensive experience with the Australian Army, and we are knowledgeable about which products you need for specific conditions. We use Australian made products where possible yet ensure that you will always train and work in comfort. Contact us today for competitively priced products.