Military Boots

Krieger Tactical Military Boots: When You Need to Handle Any Terrain Krieger Tactical Military Boots: When You Need to Handle Any Terrain 

At Krieger Tactical, we design all our products to handle everything from hostile environment deployments to cross-fit training, and that includes our military boots. If you like to head off the beaten path and tackle the toughest terrain, our boots will stand up to the punishment and protect your feet and ankles with a level of comfort that will keep you hiking all day long without issue.

Tips Regarding Military Style Boots

Finding the correct boots for your feet and the activities you are planning are key. When your feet are your only vehicle, you need to provide them with the comfort and support required to make it back to camp. Here are a few things to look for when you are in the market for military boots:

  • Choose boots that are fit for your purpose. We offer a line of boots and hiking runners with selections in every category of activity. This collection includes heavy-duty military boots for when you need to step off the trails and into the unknown. On the other end of the spectrum, we have our trail runners, lightweight and tailored for flying down the path.
  • Durability is another important factor to consider. If your boots are falling apart or letting water in while you are deep in the back-country, you will be in for a tough time. We use suede leather in our boots to make them waterproof and able to stand up to the punishment off any trail.
  • Boots that provide excellent traction and grip are a necessity when you are blazing a new trail. Slipping on rough terrain can cause injuries, and when you are far from civilisation, that is the last thing you want. We design our boots to provide the grip you need no matter the landscape.

What Sets Krieger Tactical Apart Regarding Military Hiking Boots

Everything we design is made in Australia to stand up to the rigours of deployment. Along with this ruggedness, we use the knowledge gained from our extensive military experience to bring a level of comfort sorely needed in tactical gear. You can expect the following with our Hiking Boots:

  • They are built to last and take you anywhere you need to go. There will be no worries in your mind that your boots can’t bring you home.
  • The advanced footbeds of our boots offer targeted support and the Merrell Air Cushion that can keep you comfortable and moving all day long.
  • We keep our prices low to better ensure more people can take advantage of their benefit for their training regimen. 

About Krieger Tactical

We began Krieger Tactical after our time in operational deployment with the Australian Army. This experience taught us just how valuable having a quality kit was. All our tactical gear is designed with this in mind, providing the functionality and comfort that makes them an ideal choice for deployment or training closer to home. Contact us today to learn more about our women and men’s military boots or any of our other tactical gear.