Plate Carrier

Simplifying the Process of Buying a New Plate CarrierSimplifying the Process of Buying a New Plate Carrier

When you want your body to be in the best shape possible, using a plate carrier filled with weights is an excellent way to build additional strength. However, where should you look for a vest that performs the way you expect and is easy to wear and use? Krieger Tactical is the answer, a business with a fresh take on military-specification fitness gear. From boots to plates, we supply what you need at competitive prices. 
The Benefits of a Military Plate Carrier from Krieger Tactical Creating products that meet our customers' needs is our highest goal. How do we achieve that with our plate carriers?

  • A low profile design allows wearers to enjoy fewer restrictions and mobility concerns without compromising on the ability to hold weighted plates for CrossFit or tactical training, or stab-resistant plates for personal defence.
  • Streamlined, laser-cut features in each vest enabling personal customisation options with MOLLE pouches. Equip yourself with quick and easy access to necessary gear or consumables in the field by strapping on extra patches. Our system is more lightweight but doesn't compromise on functionality.
  • Tried and tested features that our customers have come to expect from products such as these, from varied colour and camouflage options to the drag handle on the back of the vest. Quickly grab and pull a friend away from a dangerous situation without wondering if the garment can take the strain. 

Common Mistakes People Make in Choosing a Plate Carrier Vest 

Before you start the buying process, make sure you know how to avoid problems such as:

  • Believing "one size fits all." This belief is not true, and it is worth your while to take a moment to determine what size you wear before placing an order. Your vest should fit snugly, but not so tightly as to feel restrictive. Likewise, it should not be too large or loose — you will not carry the weight evenly, which can cause additional concerns.
  • Choosing a vest that can't carry as many plates or as much weight as you'd like. Whether you're pushing yourself to the limit or only looking for the best protection possible, don't forget to investigate this important number. Krieger Tactical vests, modelled on the Australian army plate carrier, can sport up to 12kg in total weight.
  • Missing out on the opportunity to purchase plates at the same time as the vest. Whether you wish to opt for the armour of a stab-resistant plate or you want to load up on weight, why not save time and money by buying them all simultaneously? Krieger Tactical makes it simple to build out an order with everything you need. 
    By stepping back and taking time to evaluate your options first, you can guarantee your satisfaction with the option you ultimately choose.

Why Trust Krieger Tactical When Choosing a Plate Carrier in Australia? 

With operational experience in the Australian Army, the team behind Krieger Tactical set out to create and curate products that make it easier to start or continue rigorous military-style training away from the battlefield and at home. Since then, we haven't stopped delivering high-value products with dependable customer service. Discover that service now and share your questions with us before you buy.