Steel Plates for Weight Vest

Train with Our Quality Steel Plates for Your Weight VestTrain with Our Quality Steel Plates for Your Weight Vest

We have a selection of steel plates for your weight vest so that you can get the most out of your training. Our products are competitively priced, and we provide excellent customer service. Our online store offers you the option of ordering only the plates, a vest, or you can select a package deal with various weighted carriers.  

Benefits of Using Weight Plates for a Tactical Vest 

There are several benefits to training with a tactical carrier, such as:

  • It can increase your endurance and strength: Using a weighted vest for exercise means that you will be doing an aerobic activity and strength training. The heavier the weight you carry during exercise, the more oxygen your body requires and the more your muscles will have to adapt to endure the load. This method of training will help to strengthen your muscles and build endurance.
  • You can improve your core strength: While you may not be doing a specific core exercise, a weighted carrier will challenge your abdominal muscles to activate to carry the heavier load. A weighted tactical vest is an item that can work your core muscles harder during simple exercises and, therefore, help to strengthen them.
  • It can enhance your musculoskeletal system: You can help to increase your bone mass as your muscles strengthen due to the added weight of a training vest. A stronger musculoskeletal system includes denser bones and connective tissue, which will help to make your future workouts easier. You will also improve the support and stability of your body, which reduces the chance of injury.

Problems Krieger Tactical Addresses 

We ensure that you receive products made to a high standard.

  • You can order different weight plates: You can select plates suitable for your fitness level as we have various options of weights. Starting from 1.5kg up to 4.5kg, you can mix the different weights to get what you require.
  • We have weights suitable for various training conditions: Our steel plates are high impact resistant and suitable for training in a wet or dry environment. These plates are UV stable, require no special cleaning or maintenance and are durable, so are sure to last long-term.
  • Our products come with a warranty: You can rest assured knowing that you will be receiving a quality product and our items come with a manufacturing warranty. Should you need to claim on the guarantee, we will quickly sort it and take care of the return postage.

We supply Armor Australia stab-resistant plates that have been strenuously tested and certified.

Why Trust Krieger Tactical Regarding Weighted Plates for a Plate Carrier?

We have extensive experience with combat training and involvement with the Australian Army, which is why we provide quality products. Our company understands the importance of training with premium gear that is durable and comfortable. We offer excellent customer service and deliver worldwide. Contact us today to order your plates or weighted vest.