Tactical Boots

Durable Tactical Boots Are Essential Tools for Your Training Kit

You rely on your tactical boots to perform under challenging conditions and on various surfaces. At Krieger Tactical, we understand how essential proper footwear is to your performance and training.

Benefits of Using Tactical Boots in Australia

Your footwear is the most crucial component of your training kit. The right shoes protect your feet and ankles as you run, climb, and jump. There are many benefits to investing in tactical boots, including the following.

  • Waterproof tactical boots allow you to train in all weather conditions and across wet terrain. Keeping your feet dry is critical during training, as wet feet result in blisters and other uncomfortable issues. Dry feet also mean that you can keep training—no need to stop and change your footwear or socks.
  • Tactical boots are designed to help stabilise your ankles, protecting them from strain and sprains. This additional support also increases the durability of your boots, leading to longer-lasting footwear.
  • Increased traction on any surface. All the boots that we stock have soles that are specifically designed to provide traction on a variety of surfaces. Whether you are climbing over wet rocks or walking through soft sand, your tactical footwear supports your movement.

Problems Krieger Tactical Addresses

We design, manufacture, and stock products that address the equipment challenges that we overcame during our own training and deployment. These challenges included:

  • Inferior training equipment – We use our deployment experience with the Australian army to design and manufacture the quality gear that you require to train efficiently. We also stock well-known brands, such as Armor Australia and Merrell, to ensure that you have the full kit you need.
  • •ncomfortable gear – We include sizing charts for our clothing and plate carriers to ensure that you can always find the right size. If you are still unsure, contact us, and we will help you to find the gear that fits. When it comes to tactical footwear, we stock Merrells, tactical hiking boots that are comfortable, waterproof, and designed to tackle various surfaces.
  • Slow removal – We design our plate carriers for fast removal. The carrier has a four-point quick release system with releases on each shoulder strap and each side of the front of the carrier. We’ve used the latest technology to create a streamlined carrier that still allows for the addition of MOLLE pouches. The Merrel MOAB 2 is another example of an easy-on, easy-off product. Designed with durable side zippers, these boots allow you to get up and move at a moment’s notice.

We focus on equipment and accessories that meet military specifications. Our gear allows military professionals to train with the proper kit and fitness enthusiasts to take part in military-style training.

About Krieger Tactical

Our military-style gear allows you to train hard and achieve your fitness and training goals. We manufacture our own training gear and stock gear from well-known brands, including Armor Australia. Our experience in operational deployments is evident in the gear that we stock, from footwear and plate carriers to watches and other accessories.

Contact us to build your quality training kit.