Tactical Boots Sydney

Krieger Tactical Offers a Line of Tactical Boots in Sydney

Krieger Tactical, with our extensive experience in hostile environment deployments with the Australian military, understand the importance of quality footwear which is why we offer tactical boots in Sydney. Providing comfort and support for your feet is vital in training, and exercising as well. Our boots might be designed for deployment, but the same qualities that give them an edge there, will aid hikers and back country runners too.

Tips Regarding Military Boots in Sydney

When you are in the market for military boots you are looking for boots that can handle your intended use. While all of our boots and shoes are designed to provide the durability, support and comfort needed for deployment, there are styles tailored to specific uses, such as trail running or going over rough terrain. Here are three options that meet different needs:

  • For those who want to go well off the trail, the Merrell MQC Tactical is a great option. They provide unmatched traction on any surface and are designed to provide the ankle support needed to tackle the roughest of terrain.
  • The Merrell MOAB 2 Mid Gortex is one of our hiking boot options. Made with the same waterproofing and durability as our tactical boots, but in a lighter weight package perfect for those who stick to the trails.
  • If you prefer to run instead of walk the trails, the Merrell Bare Access Flex Runner is the shoe for you. Designed to conquer the trial road and beyond with ease and comfort, it features the same superior grip and durability you can count on with our other boots.

The Importance of Army Boots in Sydney

When you venture off the paved roads in the cities and suburbs, your feet need more protection and support than regular shoes and boots can provide. When your feet are your only method of transport, keeping them happy and healthy is vitally important. Army boots offer the following benefits, among others:

  • Your boots need to be able to handle any type of terrain that you cross, including uneven, unstable and slippery areas. Our line of boots is designed with the Merrell M Select™ outsoles to deliver traction on any surface.
  • Durability is another key feature of army boots. If your boots cannot withstand the use you need to put them through or do not offer protection from the elements, they might as well be worthless. Our boots are made from waterproof suede leather built to stand up to the toughest jobs.
  • Last but not least, is comfort. We design our boots’ footbeds to provide all day, targeted support and air cushioning.   

Why a Krieger Tactical Weight Vest in Sydney is Cost Effective

Our weight vests are designed with the same durability and comfort as the rest of our tactical gear. Adding a weight vest to your training will improve its efficiency and your endurance. As they are designed to withstand the punishments that can come with military deployment, they will last when inferior products fall apart. Contact us today to learn more about our tactical gear and how it can aid in your training.