Tactical Plate Carrier

Add More Power to Your Intense Workouts with a Tactical Plate Carrier

Add More Power to Your Intense Workouts with a Tactical Plate Carrier
If you’ve never enhanced your workout with a tactical plate carrier, you’re missing out on an excellent opportunity to get better results faster. Champions of all kinds of sports have used tactical equipment such as these added weights to push their bodies to the limits. When using a plate carrier, an ordinary workout becomes extraordinary.

Benefits of a Tactical Vest Plate Carrier

Those who use tactical plate carriers experience several immediate benefits:

  • The same exercises that an athlete is made more challenging, and thus more rewarding. The added weight forces more of your muscles to engage than it ordinarily would, meaning you can improve the effectiveness of any workout without having to change the exercises you perform.
  • When you add tactical plates to the mix, a high-quality carrier ensures that the weight is distributed throughout your body. Thus, when powering through a set of squats, you get different benefits than if you were merely adding another 10kg weight onto the barbell. Because of the weight distribution, you can safely push yourself further than you otherwise could. 
  • We keep our costs low, ensuring you can get premium tactical plates and carriers at affordable prices. Much like undergoing a more intense workout, you get more value out of your investment in tactical gear.

Tips Regarding Tactical Plates

Our experienced staff always take the opportunity to point out several helpful tips to those who are interested in using tactical plates for their workouts:

  • Take your time when adding them in. At first, your body may not be used to the added weight. As a result, it may put a strain on your form and potentially interfere with the ordinary benefits of your workout if you’re not careful. Therefore, you should start with lighter weights and gradually increase them.
  • Get an appropriately-sized plate carrier vest for your body. There are real risks associated with ill-fitting exercise equipment, and these vests are no exception. Speak with one of our staff members to clarify what the right size is for your body.
  • You don’t need to use a tactical plate vest for every exercise. Instead, focus on those that demand more burst potential such as box jumps rather than rowing and other endurance activities.

Why Krieger Tactical Is Cost-Effective

We’re committed to providing the best military-grade tactical equipment available. You can rely on our team of Australian fitness enthusiasts, each of whom has extensive knowledge and experience with the products we sell. Further, our products are Australian-made, enabling us to keep import costs low and consistently offer the best prices possible for this kind of fitness equipment.

You’re sure to get your money’s worth, as we provide helpful warranties to protect your investment. We also offer ongoing customer service to ensure you know how to use the equipment and get answers to all your questions. The sooner you order a tactical vest and plate carrier, the sooner you can enhance your workout, so contact us today to get started.