Tactical Weight Vest

Increase Your Training Intensity with a Tactical Weight Vest

You can use tactical weight vests for both military and fitness training. The vest increases your body weight, pushing your muscles and cardiovascular system to work harder while boosting your strength and endurance.

Common Mistakes People Make When Using a Tactical Weight Training Vest

When purchasing and using your tactical vest, avoid the following mistakes:

  • Not considering adjustable weight or fixed weight. Depending on your training goals, you will want to consider purchasing either an adjustable weight or fixed weight vest. An adjustable weight vest has multiple pockets into which you can add weight. The more pockets, the more you can customise the weight distribution. A fixed weight vest is usually best for running or other cardio-related exercises. Our Krieger Tactical Tier One Plate Carrier is perfect for individuals who enjoy CrossFit and want to increase the intensity of their training.
  • Uneven weight distribution. Even weight distribution is essential if you want the weight to feel comfortable during training. Uneven weight can place pressure on the shoulders, causing pain and discomfort. Uneven weight can also impact your balance while you’re performing movements, increasing the chance of injury.
  • Purchasing the wrong size. A training vest that is too big will shift and catch on things as you try to train. A vest that is too small will feel constricting and uncomfortable. Be sure to purchase the right size vest for your build.
    When purchasing a tactical training vest, always buy the correct size and weight for your needs—and if you are unsure which size to purchase, contact us, and we will help you find the right fit.

The Importance of Using a Weight Vest in Perth

There are many reasons to use a weight vest for your training, including the following.

  • A weighted vest is a simple, hands-free method of adding weight to your workout. Wearing a vest allows you to add weight to a normal training routine without having to hold that weight in your hands. It can be challenging to hold weights or increase weight when you’re performing exercises such as push-ups or pull-ups and adding a weighted vest to your workout is a simple solution.• Improve your cardiovascular health by wearing a vest during your training. The additional weight forces your body to work harder while you’re running, walking, or performing other exercises. This hard work affects both your muscles and cardiovascular system. After you’ve completed these movements with the weighted vest, when you are not wearing one, they will seem easy.
  • Burn more calories during your workout. Your body burns calories while training and the harder your body works, the more calories it burns. Adding a weight vest increases the effort, and as a result, increases the energy expenditure. Along with proper nutrition, wearing a weight vest will lead to faster weight loss. 

Why You Should Use Krieger Tactical

As Krieger Tactical, we are experienced military professionals who have been deployed with the Australian army. We stock Australian-made military training gear that allows military professionals and all others who are interested in military-style training to train with gear that meets military specifications. 
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