Weight Vest Australia

Krieger Tactical Can Provide Your Next Weight Vest in Australia  

Krieger Tactical is known for the quality of our manufacturing and this is something you can count on if you are in the market for a weight vest in Australia. Training with a weight vest improves the efficiency of your exercise and helps to build your endurance. Our vests are designed with our extensive experience in the Australian military in mind, making them the perfect way to train in military spec gear. 

Related Products We Provide to Weight Vest Plates in Australia

Our plates for weight vests are only one part of our full line of military spec gear designed to help you train as realistically as possible. All of our products are Australian-made and built to last. Here are a few examples of our related products:

  • The importance of keeping your feet comfortable and supported cannot be overstated. From our Merrell MQC Tactical Boots to our Merrell Bare Access Flex Runners, we have footwear that will help you conquer the trail, road and beyond in comfort.
  • When in training for a tactical deployment, adding a pair of our gloves can help you get used to wearing them while protecting your hands from scrapes and bruises. The Outdoor Research Ironsight gloves, for example, are fitted with synthetic leather reinforcements and lightweight silicone grips for enhanced tool and weapon use.
  • We offer several other accessories such as watches and hydration systems designed to handle the rugged nature of tactical deployment. 

What Sets Krieger Tactical Apart Regarding a Tactical Weight Vest in Australia

Everything we manufacture and sell has been created based on our experience in the Australian military. We have tailored our weight vests to fit the needs of deployment in the protection they can offer, while keeping comfort at the forefront as well. Here are a few ways our vests stand apart.

  • Our tactical weight vests are made from 1000d nylon and finished with laser-cut technologies. Each of them is available in black, coyote tan, olive drab and multi-camo. For deployment situations, they feature an easy access ‘drag handle’ that can be used for emergency carries.
  • The standard plates we offer are designed for advanced high impact resistance training in all conditions. For those who require protection in their tactical weight vest, we also offer stab-resistant plates which provide torso protection for edged blades and spike threats.
  • As your training progresses, you will likely want to add more weight. For this reason, our Tier T3 plate carrier can handle up to 12 kilograms of plates. The training plates themselves are available in three different sizes, 1.5, 2.5 and 4.5 kilograms.

What Customers Stand to Gain if You Use Krieger Tactical

The military experience we rely on in the creation of our tactical weight vests gives them an edge when used in training. We have designed them to be military spec, both for use in deployment and in training situations, adding realism to your training that other weight vests lack. To learn more about our line of gear or find your next plate carrier vest in Australia, contact us today.