Weight Vest Melbourne

Use a Classic Workout Technique with a Weight Vest in Melbourne

If you buy a weight vest in Melbourne, you’re joining an ancient tradition of those who want the best possible workout to achieve peak condition. For millennia, militaries around the world have trained their elite soldiers with weighted vests to make every workout and training session even more beneficial. Try it yourself to experience how this tool is consistently one of the best throughout military history.

Tips Regarding a 5kg Weighted Vest

It takes a little more than just putting on a weighted vest and conducting your standard workout to get the full benefit of the extra 5kg weight.

  • First, ensure that you can conduct each exercise with proper form. If you’re already having difficulty with an activity, adding in an extra 5kg with a weighted vest can only make your form worse. Remember that proper form is essential; otherwise, you add a significant risk of hurting yourself instead of improving your exercise routine.
  • Use the weight vest for the activities that require a lot of burst potential. Think squats, sprinting, and box jumps. Think twice about including weighted vests for endurance activities such as distance running, however.
  • Each time you start your workout, don’t forget to warm up. Your body is essentially asleep when you enter your exercise space, and you’re not at peak military condition like that. Start without the vest to handle your stretches and warm-up exercises such as jumping jacks, ab crunches, and push-ups. Once your blood’s flowing a bit, you can add on the vest and start with the meat of your training.

Tips for Getting More Value out of Your Weighted Vest in Melbourne
Once you’ve started to use a weighted vest during your military-style workouts, consider the following tips for how to consistently improve:

  • Gradually increase the weight. We recommend beginning with a 5kg weight for your vest, then go up from there. If you try too much too quickly, you run the risk of unnecessary injury, which can set your military training routine back significantly.
  • Ensure that the vest is tightly strapped in and doesn’t bounce around too much. Ideally, it should remain flush to your body to avoid wasted motion.
  • Always check your form before and after putting on the vest. Pay attention to any parts of your body that get out of position or go slack, as proper form is even more critical when using a weighted vest.

Why Trust Krieger Tactical Regarding Your Military Weight Vest

The team at Krieger Tactical has real experience with military training and workouts, so we use that experience to help those who want to maximise their workouts. We’re passionate about fitness and continuously seek out the latest in fitness techniques and technologies. We also strive to provide the ultimate customer service experience, meaning you’ll have support from before you place an order to well beyond shipment. If you aren’t satisfied and need to return an item, we make it easy for you. Contact us today for personalised tips on how to get the most out of your workout in Melbourne with a weighted vest.