Weight Vest Plates

Weight Vest Plates Can Seriously Boost Your Exercise Potential

Weight vest plates are a testament to the adage that there is nothing new under the sun: modern fitness junkies have revived the practice of ‘rucking’ (carrying heavy things on hikes) and are reporting boosted cardiovascular and strength development. Lucky for you, the founders of Krieger Tactical spent years carrying heavy things in the Australian Army, and we want to help you do it right.

Problems Krieger Tactical Addresses for Training with Vest Plates

As our business applies insider military know-how to the fitness industry, we are in a privileged position to help you select equipment to carry out this new-again form of exercise. Here are a few problems that we can address.

  • Carrying a weighted vest around on your person provides a vast number of health benefits. However, such equipment can place huge amounts of stress on an athlete’s lumbar region, knees, and shoulders if these weight vests are inefficiently weighted or incorrectly worn.
  • As ex-Australian army personnel, we have applied what we’ve learned out on deployments to our weight vests and weight vest plates. You can rest assured that when you work out with one of our products, the weight will remain close to your body, reducing joint and lumbar stress.
  • In addition to this cutting-edge weight placement, our website’s sizing guide will help ensure that your new vest will fit snugly to your body shape. What’s more, if you need any additional help, you can contact our support team—we will be happy to help you.

Don’t take the risk of buying second-rate weighted vests, which could endanger your lumbar stability. Buy through us and rest assured that you’ll achieve the best workout possible with negligible joint and spinal stress, every time.

Related Services we Provide to Workout Vest Plates

Krieger Tactical offers a highly varied set of military merchandise which you can peruse at your leisure on our online store. If you have something military-surplus in mind, chances are, we stock it.

  • Due to our online-only nature, we have an incredibly low overhead. This fact means that we apply all the money that we’d otherwise need to spend on rent, utilities, and floor staff wages to precision manufacturing equipment and design. We have extra savings to pass on to you.
  • Our incredibly approachable customer service team is eager to assist you with any sizing, shipping, or general queries that you may have concerning our quality products.
  • We are excited to offer free shipping on orders over $150 to you.

Why You Should Buy from Krieger Tactical

You should do business with us because you know that you can trust our experience and insight. As a team of ex-Australian armed forces personnel, our team’s goods garner respect from professionals and fitness enthusiasts alike. Add to that our extensive knowledge of kit requirements and licenses to distribute military-grade material and the choice should be clear.

Rest on the hard-won knowledge of ex-army personnel when purchasing your kit. Contact us now, and you’ll soon see why our products are so popular.